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8th Grade Information Common Core Parent/Student Resources
Viking Band


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5th Grade Residency Verification

State law requires that public schools verify student residence. In addition, the BUSD Governing Board requires that all 5​th​
grade students and all 8​th​ grade students prove residency again – even if they have always lived in Benicia. This requirement must be completed ​ prior​  to August registration at Benicia Middle School. Your student will not be able to participate in registration if this task is
not completed.  More information can be seen on the following link:  5th Grade Parent Residency Letter

Dates & Times:

BMS:  June 8th-12th  8am-Noon & 1-3pm


2015-2016 Dates

Aug 18:  6-7pm

New Parent/Student Orientation


Aug 19:  9am-12pm

6th Grade Registration


Aug 19:  3-6pm

7th Grade Registration


Aug 20:  8:30am-12pm

6th Grade WEB Orientation


Aug 20:  3-6pm

8th Grade Registration


Aug20:  3-6pm

All Grades Registration



Before the start of the 2015-16 school year, make sure your incoming 7th grade students are ready. Vaccines required for 7th grade entry (California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 17, Section 6020) include:

1-Tdap booster given after age 7 years

2-MMR’s-most given prior to Kindergarten although some have missed 2nd dose

Other vaccines encouraged--Not required--by the Department of Health include; meningococcal and HPV vaccines.

To avoid the back to school rush, make appointments with your healthcare provider now. Spring break is a great time to review records and make appointments for immunization updates. 

Welcome to Benicia Middle School!

Benicia Middle School provides a safe and respectful learning environment where students are encouraged to meet their full potential as life-long learners and productive citizens.

8th Grade Promotion: Thurs. 6/4, 1:30pm on the lower field.

BUSD Teacher of the Year

We are so very pleased to announce that the BUSD Teacher of the Year is one of our own:  Mrs. Cathy Wright.  Mrs. Wright is one of our most beloved teachers and this honor is well deserved.


Mrs. Moore's Farewell

Now that the year is coming to an end, it’s time for me to share some important news with you all. Many of you have heard that I am leaving Benicia Middle School. That is true. I have absolutely loved being at BMS, more than I thought I ever would. As a first year principal, my learning curve has been huge, yet rewarding. I have gained a family and have really come to enjoy this age level of the students. However, before coming to BMS, I taught for 16 years at Robert Semple Elementary School. I was an integral part of that culture and really established my roots. When I left Semple, I told myself that someday I’d be back. Semple’s current principal, Mrs. Ablee, is retiring. Absolutely nothing is driving me from BMS, but everything in my heart is pulling me to Semple. So, that’s where my journey will take me. I will miss BMS tremendously, especially since we have some really great things planned for the coming school year. I wish BMS all the best and will miss each and everyone dearly.

June 1st is a School Day

The district original calendar had June 1st as a non-student day.  The calendar was changed earlier in the school year, making June 1st a school day.  Please take note that we DO have school on Monday, June 1st.

8th Grade Promotion

8th Grade Promotion will take place on Thursday, June 4th, at 1:30pm on the lower field.  For all the 8th Grade end of the year information, please click on the link below.

8th Grade Parent Newsletter - 2015


Promotion Dress Code

We've had a number of students ask about dress code for the dance and promotion. The stipulations for the dress code for both events is the same: no shorts, strapless dresses, dresses with cutouts, dresses with plunging necklines, or dresses with full backs exposed.. Dresses need to have 2 straps, one over each shoulder. Attire should be semi-formal or something they would wear out to a nice dinner.

Here are two websites for buying and/or attaching straps to dresses: to buy straps:  or to sew yourself:  How to Sew a Strap 


Benicia Women's Club Jr. Fundraiser

The Benicia Women's Club Junior Organization is having a Panda Express fundraiser on Friday, June 22nd.  All proceeds will benefit local organizations such as our CAC.  Please click on the link below for more information.

Benicia Women's Club Jr. Panda Express Flyer

STEM Day for Girls

STEM Day for Girls is an event for girls from 2nd-6th grade.  It will be held on Sunday, 6/14, from 1-4 at the Vallejo Yacht Club.  There will be hands-on workshops and team bonding activities.  It will be an afternoon of fun projects involving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Cost is $10.  To reserve a spot call Fary and 707-319-5489.  You can download and print the flyer from the link below or you can pick up a flyer in the BMS main office.

STEM Day for Girls

Eyeglass Donations

In just about any dresser drawer, one can find a pair of eyeglasses that are no longer being used. That same pair of eyeglasses can change another person's life.  Imagine if you could help a child read. An adult succeed in his job. A senior maintain her independence. And provide a community with more opportunities to grow and thrive.  The Benicia Lions Club is collecting eyeglasses which are distributed to people in need in developing countries where they will have the greatest impact.  They have generously given us a donation box for our front office for used eyeglasses you no longer need.  Lions accept prescription and reading glasses, sunglasses and plastic and metal frames. Children's glasses are especially needed. 



Before and after school program.  Academic-homework assistance, robotics project focused program.

For more information, please click on the links below.


STEM October Flyer

STEM 2014-2015 Application

Regular Day

Period Start End
1 8:30 9:26
2 9:30 10:27
Snack 10:22 10:27
3 10:31 11:23
4 11:27 12:58
Early Lunch 11:27 12:02
Early Class 12:06 12:58
Late Class 11:27 12:19
Late Lunch 12:23 12:58
5 1:02 2:19
Directed Studies 1:54 2:19
6 2:23 3:15

Planning Day

Period Start End
1 8:30 9:04
2 9:08 9:42
3 9:46 10:20
4 10:24 10:58
Early Lunch/Class 11:02 11:36
Late Lunch/Class 11:40 12:14
6 12:18 12:52

We Tip Hotline

Please report illegal or suspicious activity at Benicia Middle School.

You may remain anonymous. Please help keep our school safe!


BMS Crisis Response Plan Letter

BMS Crisis Response Plan

Viking Times

Viking Times is a monthly family newsletter for students and parents. Please read Viking Times each month for important school information.


October 2014 Viking Times

November 2014 Viking Times

December 2014 Viking Times

January 2015 Viking Times

March 2015 Viking Times

April 2015 Viking Times

May 2015 Viking Times

June 2015 Viking Times

Student Safety & Driver Awareness Pamphlet

The Benicia Police Dept. has published a pamphlet regarding driver awareness around our schools.  Please click on the links below to view and print the pamphlet.

Student Safety & Driver Awareness - Page 1

Student Safety & Driver Awareness - Page 2